Ultimate Guide to Shoe Shopping for AFO's

Say hello to adaptive life and goodbye to standard shoe rules…


This is a very LONG AWAITED Blog on my part, but I’m excited to finally be finishing it. Finley has been wearing orthotics since she was 15 months old, and before that- shoes never really worked right because of her Spastic Diplegia. Her toes were constantly pointed, making shoes impossible. Up until then, the stretchy and malleable moccasin slide-ons from Etsy were a great option. No specific brand.



The number one thing I hear is, “Do I go a size up?” - I never understood this, because once Finley got her AFO’s I never bought shoes to fit her bare feet. I would take her AFO while it was on, and have it sized for shoes. This is your new normal. No more buying shoes before trying them on. Unless you’re down to buy two and then send one back.

It is really hard to find shoes that are WIDE enough for AFO’s that are not a few inches too long. Finley had a wide foot to begin with, so we know the struggle.


The first shoes we got were Moccasin Boots by a brand called, Gracious May. They’re lightweight and while they didn’t provide much support, they served as a slip over the braces. This was great, because Finley wasn’t very mobile on her feet, it was perfect to stay on through crawling while protecting her toes. Naturally the toes began to wear down-but we were happy with the quality of the boots. They were worth the price.


Ballet flats were another option for us. Again, because Finley didn’t spend a lot of time on her feet- we were able to get by with these flats from Target.