“Has your Husband always been so supportive?”

Ummmm, yeah that would be a big fat NO. Actually, let me clarify: He’s very loving and supportive. Did he think I would be “successful” with a direct sales company? NO. Was he a little embarrassed that I joined one? YES. Odds are he’s coming from the same POV as your significant other or family.

Funny story.

I tried Direct sales a few different times and it only ever amounted to maybe $500 bucks each time- which was pretty much half my investment. You can understand my hesitancy to tell my husband I joined ANOTHER company. Not to mention one that I was publicly speaking out against. Yes, I was queen of the Monat Haters before my eyes were opened by the proof of the products. As a professional hairstylist and product educator I could not continue to be ignorant to exactly how impressive the products and science behind the company were. I choose to not be embarrassed by that fact, we all make mistakes. There was a BIG WHITE COCKTAIL party to celebrate the boom of Monat in our town and I WANTED to go. I enrolled the day before the party and I told my husband I was just going to the party to do a few girl’s hair for the event.

Like a little white lie for a little white party? Actually the party was amazing.

Our local leader’s went all out and I cannot wait for the next one.

Me & best friend who is my “upline” at the WHITE PARTY.

Me & best friend who is my “upline” at the WHITE PARTY.

Well, when I arrived home a little later than expected and regrettably- in my white dress-

Josh: “OH MY GOSH, you JOINED.”

>insert my nervous laugh<

I convinced him that it wasn’t a big risk because honestly, it wasn’t. You pay $299 and get a TON of products, and there’s no monthly purchase commitment or requirement. I easily spent $500 on products at Cosmoprof a month, so this would replace the products I would buy the following month. I enrolled at the end of June. I took full advantage of the companies SMART START bonus program, and on August 15th I received my first FULL MONTH commission check. WOW! It was way more than what I made behind the chair in July (and I was very busy). THAT was SOMETHING. No haircare company was every going to compensate me like this for selling products, they only ever allowed me to purchase their products at 50% off. I am HAPPY to receive only 30% off with commissions and incentives like the ones Monat gives me!

Not to mention

a cadillac.

free TRIPS.



My once very skeptical husband is a believer.

Our lives look nothing like they did two years ago.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.“ -wayne Gretzky

Watch this candid conversation I had with my husband the other night on my team page. I assured him only my team would see it, and now here I am blogging the whole experience. I am not hiding this from him, lol- he gave me his blessing…. well maybe I begged him to let me share.

It is SO IMPORTANT to have SUPPORT from your loved ones.

plus, its fun.

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