I am so GLAD you decided to take the initiative toward healthifying your hair, if that’s even a word.

You’re now my VIP and it’s my pleasure to be your personal beauty concierge. There are a lot of ins-and-outs to this monat thing. Quite honestly, our website can be super confusing- so I made this guide for you! (PLEASE feel free to ask me for help!)

First of all it’s important to know: Every flexship $84 order that you

place will earn you a free Only for You product & free shipping.


If I placed your order for you, I put the rejuvanique oil ($84) in your FLEXSHIP cart. These oil treatments are going to be vital for your overall hair and scalp health. Don’t worry- I also included two samples into your order for you to try! (If you placed your order - just send me a text and i’ll make sure you get an oil sample. It’s the game changer!

what does flexship mean?

It’s merely scheduling a future purchase. It’s by no means a forced-autoship. My customers LOVE that they can order when they want. Your flex ship cart can be delayed in 60 day increments if need be- They run the 1-25th of every month. You will get an email before your order ships- make sure you log in and adjust either the date of your order or the contents of your cart.

Not sure what products to get after the oil? ask me!

Confused on changing your flex ship date? Watch this.

You can also save this image to your phone:


I have more instructional videos in the FB GROUP I made for my VIPS.

You’re going to want to be in there for updates, giveaways, contest, etc.

There’s a lot of perks to being a VIP!

Free shipping, Free products, Birthday gift, 15% off, and my personal favorite- our “give 20 get 20” referral program.

I am so excited for you to get your products!!! I am going to STRONGLY suggest texting me before you wash your hair for my official hair washing instructions. Our products are 40% water, not 80% like most products - so you need LOTS of extra water, and you do have to wash twice. I know I know…. aint nobody got time for that, but you want healthier better hair- so YOU DO! lol.

Once again my number is


Feel free to message me with anything Monat Related!

Have a Great Hair Day!