HEY HEY HEYYYYY!! So excited that you’re gonna get a new experience for your hair! It’s important to know that these products are extremely concentrated so think about it like you need to add more water to your hair because there isn’t that much in the bottle.

:WASH demo videos at bottom:

The oil is for an overnight treatment before you wash or at least a few hours before your first wash! 

Poke a hole in the oil and let it drip along your part line from your forehead toward the back of your head. Then part about an inch or so over then run it along that part from forehead to back of your head, then do the other side. The goal is to let the oil saturate your scalp. Whatever is left over just run through your ends. Your hair should look reallllllly greasy. This is a dry oil- so it won’t come off on your pillow or clothes. 🙂


Be prepared to shampoo your hair twice. ✌🏼

First, Get it really, really wet. And don't wring out the water before you add shampoo. 💦

“STEP 1”- Rub a quarter size amount of shamoo between your hands until your palms are white & emulsified with the shampoo. Massage into scalp. You won’t get much suds, if any. 

Rinse thoroughly.

Repeat “STEP 1” but leave this 2nd wash on for about 2-3 minutes to allow the oils and other ingredients to soak into your hair/scalp. This is where ALL the cleansing happens.

(The shampoo is super concentrated so add more water to get a good amount of suds. 💃🏼 Make sure to rinse out REALLY good.)

Your Hair will feel tangly in between the shampoo and conditioner. Wring it out after your last rinse. 


Apply a quarter size amount of the Masque to your hair from temples to ends! Once applied, You can take a wide tooth comb and comb the hair. 

Let sit about 5 minutes. 

•RINSE RINSE RINSE. Once you feel like you rinsed it all, rinse another minute. 

(It will take time to figure out exactly how much product you should use each wash. This is a HAIR SPA experience, not a daily practice.)


Towel dry hair and apply a small amount of the Restore Leave-in through ends. 
Literally like a tiny blueberry-sized amount. 

Brush with wet brush and style or air dry! 


 full sized bottles: