We are Fifi + Mo


Finley is my spirited 5 year old, and I'm her Mama, Christina! We are a Mommy and Me duo who aim to spread Awareness and Cheer to you! We were brought together by the Miracle of Adoption, a road that is full of lots of rain before that rainbow shines through. We document what its like to live with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that Finley lives with. She is on the quest of a lifetime: the journey to walking! 

The road of infertility and the life of special needs parents does not look typical- but we consider ourselves totally normal (well almost, lol). I’ve documented our journey to offer encouragement to others who will need to walk in these shoes after us. Through all of the ups and downs we will keep it real, honest, and as the life of any Mom can be- stressful and messy. Let's laugh together, cry together, and learn to spread awareness by learning from each other's experiences!


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