The breakdown of Tamra & Shannon's RHOC gallery Hairstyles.

IF you HAD to vote for your favorite look, who wold it be? I know, Shannon & Tamra!

(They got my votes! LOL!)


I am so lucky that glammin up these two babes was my job that day! It’s always FULL of laughs & never a dull moment. They are a TRUE JOY to work with.

I wanted to breakdown the looks so you can recreate them at home!

Let’s start with Tamra.

To achieve Tamra’s OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM LOOK I did soft waves with my GHD 1” Classic Flat Iron. This bad boy has one setting so you’re not gonna over-heat your hair - it also only takes about a minute to get hot. It also has a really nice long chord. One of my favorite things about this tool is that it doesn’t snag your hair at all, providing the perfect element of GLIDE for your curls or waves.

Tamra loves a lot of soft movement in her hair, so I avoid sticky hairsprays. I work a lot with powders (especially for all day shoots) this one from Monat is THE BEST! It’s a conditioning Dry Shampoo that leaves the hair shiny & soft. It is my GO TO DRY SHAMPOO.

Now on to Shannon.

So Shannon was game for something super fun and different- I opted for a fun WAVY ‘do! For this look I opted to use my GHD Creative Curl Wand. It’s not perfectly round so thats why the waves are waves and not spirals! The tool is a really rad shape with one single button. It heats up in a matter of seconds and distributes the heat perfectly for the most amazing final result.

In order for this textured do to stay full of fresh life all day- I worked my favorite Texturizer into it. Another Monat GEM!! It creates the perfect amount of stick and separation without weight the hair down. Because you spray it into your hands first, it lasts forever- making it worth every single penny!