the #SHOWYOURSCAR campaign

Finley has recently shown great interest in the scar on her back.  The 4 inch scar she has along her spine is from the SDR Operation she had in St. Louis with Dr. Park, this past October.  The SDR is performed by a Nuerologist, and Dr. Park is the best surgeon in the world for this procedure.  She says that she got her scar from, "The doctors I flew on a plane to see."


She's 3, so it's really cute to see her light up when she talks about it.  She even says it makes her strong. (I have to hold back tears every. single. time.) Her enthusiasm is what turns this scar into a symbol. A symbol which signifies that, although we may experience pain - we have the opportunity to see beauty in the victory. We’re teaming up with @YouCaring to help launch the 'Show Your Scar' campaign. Whether you’ve overcome a hardship that left a visible or invisible scar, PLEASE - I encourage you to share your story publicly. Show others how overcoming adversity - from mental illness to physical disability or disease - is what shapes us into the people we are today. YOU can help us by Sharing your Story.


IF you choose to SHARE your story, and I HOPE you do - You will have the chance to receive $500 that can go toward any YouCaring fundraiser of your choice!  ( If you chose ours, this would cover the cost for 2 months of Therapy for Finley.)  What a great way to SHARE your story to HELP others, AND then be able to give someone this GIFT. Gosh, I love YOUCARING so much!  This accounts for posts on Instagram + Twitter only. 

To enter this special YOUCARING offer:

1)  Your account must be on PUBLIC, or followed by @Youcaring. 

2) TAG @YOUCARING on the POST CAPTION and tap-tagged in the PIC

3) Use the HASHTAG #ShowYourScar.   



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