BBC Feature!




The BBC reached out because of our instagram following, they had no idea the story behind it.  I remember getting on the phone with the lady & I could hear her jaw drop as I went through our story of Finley.  She ended with a joke, I thought this piece would be about her fashion Instagram account and that would be it. LOL.  We interviewed for a few days and they had no idea which direction they would choose to go with it.  Finley really has no idea what is going on with the Instagram and "followers" are typically not the center of conversation around here- EVER. That being said, I am very grateful for the connections we've made and continue to make using social media. It brought us to the SDR & continues to connect others to it too. We're equally as grateful for that with Stem Cells as well.  I also don't LOVE the title.  We use person-first language around here and the Youtube Title literally makes me cringe.  

Without further ado, here is the full piece:

(PS. Don't read the BBC Youtuber's comments, yikes!)