Two CP MAMA BEARS walk into a Recording Studio....

Brandi and I met early on in my journey.  I was drawn to her realness.  She showed me that life goes on, and it's up to YOU whether you enjoy it or not.  She's likely not aware of the impact she's made on me. It is her that paved the way for me to be so open and to share Finley's Story.  My favorite quote of hers from this podcast, "If you share your story in an empowering way it will not only heal you but it'll heal other's as well." 


My mom and I often discuss topic ideas for her show "Real Life" that she co-hosts with David James and airs on Saturday evening's on 99.5 FM KKLA- here in so cal.  I KNEW she had to have my sweet friend on! What better time than MARCH for CP awareness month?!



We piled into the Studio and it was truly special. David James led the session with a prayer and it was a miracle all the kids behaved for a few hours! Praise the Lord, LOL!            

Precious Young Austin fell asleep on me, and it was the most precious moment. 


I always love hearing Brandi share, its also because of her that I feel like I could handle adoption again! lol- I just don't know where we would be without Brandi! Thank You so much for coming out, MAMA. Love you!