The Impact Society


Christa and I have a mission.

We met on Instagram. We were drawn to each other’s realness. Her being transparent about her life & separation/reconciliation with her husband and me being transparent with my infertility & special need’s mama journey. We both believe that living unfiltered is the way to go. We are saddened by all the fakeness and pretend perfectness - it’s just not REALISTIC. With all this “influencer” talk (which we both HATE that term) - it’s setting the wrong example. YOU don’t need to be like ANYONE else! God made a YOU for a reason!!

a movement was born.

We began working together in September of 2018. We discovered a passion within us to not only help other women succeed in their own business, but to show other woman that YOU were born to MAKE AN IMPACT. Make sure you’re following us to see info on upcoming events!

unshakeable 2018

Our first event was a RAGING success! We fellowshipped with 30 women at the beautiful Retro Ranch in Temecula. I will be blogging the details of that event soon! Here is a lil sneak peek the incredible Randi of Goo Lovely Photography put together: