Warrior Mixer Initiative


Life of a Special Need’s parent can be lonely- but it doesn’t HAVE to be. Short story: after Finley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 15 months old- I began to search CP hashtags on Instagram (google was NO help).


I found Brandi and her sweet CP Warrior, Austin. She blogged his journey and it brought me so much comfort & hope. Then a year or so later, as luck would have it- both of our kiddos received therapy at Leaps & Bounds on the SAME DAY & TIME! How nuts is that. 


Talk about MEANT TO BE. ⁣⁣⁣
Over the years we’ve shared joys & tears. We’ve dreamt of doing a big event for CP Awareness, and then we thought, “Why limit it to CP? It should be for ALL Warriors.” That spiraled into many other ideas for us. “What if we could initiate a movement to get Warrior Mama’s from all over the globe to GET TOGETHER in their towns?! Nothing fancy, just fellowship. Laughing, crying, conversing with other’s who understand what you’re going through.”

The lightbulb went off!! LETS DO IT!!⁣⁣⁣

We launched this movement this past fall & had our first event in So Cal, which was EVERYTHING.


Perhaps you’re sitting there thinking, “I’m a special needs mom, I should DO THIS.” I’m telling you, YOU NEED TO. Your soul doesn’t even know what it’s missing. Best part is, ALL WARRIOR MAMAS are welcome. No matter the battlefield you’re on, we are all fighting together. ⁣⁣⁣
To get more info on how you can host a Warrior Mixer Meet UP:

It costs nothing to join us.

  1. Join our FB GROUP & post your city on your state in our USA Album. EXAMPLE:


2. Connect with the other mama’s in your city.

3. Plan a public event and invite local warrior mamas, ask people to tag someone they know!

4. POST PICS from your event & TAG US!!!

THAT’S IT! It’s that SIMPLE!

We may not all be able to be physically together, but how awesome is it that can still be so united through the WARRIOR MIXER INITIATIVE.